The SpArc

Thank You for Joining us for the Journey
of Discovery Retreat!

May 13-15, 2022
Lakeside, Michigan

A Journey into the Heart of Community

Thank you all so much for making the first official SpArc retreat experience a tremendously successful experience!  I couldn’t be more grateful for what we created together. The attendees came from a wide diversity of paths… Aged from 40 to 70 with multiethnic roots from South Africa, Australia, Mexico, and far-flung regions in America. Some were seeking aid in breaking free from crippling depression & addiction. Others sought relief from stifling anxiety and lack of self-esteem.. While still, others sought a deeper communion with spirit and clarity in their life path & purpose. Yet each person came with a courageous resolve to explore a path inward toward healing & discovery. There were big laughs, big tears, and everything in between.. and it was beautiful..

Over the weekend we shared in a powerful community exchange.  Each person arrived as a stranger and left with a lifelong bond of courageously facing the unknown to heal, discover, and grow.  Yet the immersion itself is only part of the full arc of the transformational experience. Over several weeks we emphasized the importance of preparing the mind, body, and spirit for the immersion;  we honed in on the “what” of an honest intention while learning to surrender & trusting the “how” to the universe.  Then we got together to immerse into the hard work of integrating the revelations from an immersion into the tapestry of our life experiences. The plants are allies & teachers, but the real transformation comes from our ability to claim a new path more firmly every day with mindful practices, courageous lifestyle shifts, and strong community support. In the spirit of that connection, the community we forged will continue to remain supportive & present as we engage in the important work of embodying the truths we discovered together! 

Be on the lookout for our next retreat taking place in September 2022! Exact dates and location to be announced soon! If you have interest and would like to be placed on the participation list please send me a message!


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