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Happy New Year Dear Friends!  Welcome to the Year of the Dragon.  For many, 2023 was a year of massive life transitions.  A year of coming into a sharp and clear awareness of what aspects of life genuinely do and do not serve growth of one’s personal journey of self-actualization.  From habits, to patterns, to relationships and even beliefs.. This past year was a fire-sale of deep and profound lessons unfolding in rapid succession, clearing the way for a more authentic way to live and express. Enter 2024.

In the Chinese Zodiac, one of 12 rotating animal powers present themselves as the dominant energy of each year.  These animal powers are further broken down into 5 potential elemental forms including are earth/wood, air, fire, water, and metal. Each element presents itself once before shifting to the next representative in its cycle 12 years later totaling a 60 year cycle before a certain elemental animal configuration resurfaces.  2024 is the auspicious year of the wood dragon, who has not presented since 1964.

The Wood Dragon, also known as Jia Chen 甲辰 in Chinese represents stability, honesty and loyalty. The malleable aspect of the wood element also supports growth, creativity and flexibility. It is a year to pursue your dreams, express your ideas and expand your horizons. It is also a year to also be generous, compassionate and loyal toward friends that honor true reciprocity – and to release those who harbor toxicity, rigidity and desire a sense of control over your well being. 

As we enter into this Dragon inspired year, it is exceedingly important that we embrace the power of surrender, of letting go of the story of “what was” to allow spaciousness for the emerging truth to gain full presence. This is a time where you can courageously embody the path forward with more grace, flow and acceptance. There will be a unique sense of clarity in resonance for what genuinely supports you. But don’t let pride, habit, self-righteousness or fear get in your way. It’s time to fly free upon your path. The universe is conspiring your greatest outcome, but it will take clarity of mind, focus of heart and faith in spirit to see it through. 

It is my sincere honor to support you through this powerful time of healing and transformation should you hear the call. Reach out and explore how a Rites of Passage coaching or Medicine Journey Facilitation Path may be right for you.

The Communitas Sanctuary Temple Mural Reveal

12 years ago, during a powerful psychedelic ceremony, my wife Renee Cruz, MPH & I shared a vision of the birth of an ancient Dragon & Phoenix energy. These two primordial aspects of universal creativity born of the central sun, wove together in a galactic dual helix impregnating all of existence with a shared cosmic blueprint and internal map home toward our sacred origin. These pathways require no intermediary, they exist within the essence of our very genetic makeup, and since time immemorial, both ecstatic and contemplative traditions from every corner of the globe have been seeking a means to awaken this inner Awareness… To ride the rapturous Kundalini of the dragon into universal wisdom or to surrender the ego into the boundless compassionate fires of the phoenix returning to source.

Today, as we approach the dawn of 2024 over a decade later, we are beyond thrilled to reveal the magnificent artistry of our dear brother GavinGer who has brought this vision fully to life!! Throughout the summer & Fall, Gavin joined us in long discussions on myth and mystic origins, pouring over sacred sites and archetypes. Then with a precision and finesse that is awe inspiring to behold – he wove together this magnificent vision of our cosmic origin story. Through his profound effort and loving craft – we are now thrilled to be the stewards of this 40ft tapestry of light, color and deep esoteric wisdom resting as the heartbeat of our “Communitas Sanctuary Retreat Space” for generations to come

The outer door is a portal into the infinite, blending an alchemical balance of light and dark with seven frequencies of colour – revealing the smooth curves of the organic feminine below the geometrical patterning of the masculine crowned with akashic wood. The dragon’s raw creative power and phoenix’s pure consecrating essence emanates from the outer edges of the mural over 40 ancient and contemporary temples that inhale and exhale opposite colors & perspectives while radiating life-force currents. Ancestral and archetypal beings chant blessings of devotion toward the androgynous ineffable Cosmic Serpent of light in the center. This omnipresent BEING dreams reality into being.. And we (the collective) listen to our way home toward unity within our stillness. All paths, all traditions, all walks, all prayers, and all ways are celebrated and welcome within this cosmic vision and temple.

The ceremonial space will support brothers & sisters in healing, learning, growth and discovery. Together we will host & curate intentional ceremonies, sacred sound & movement experiences, visual arts intensives, rites of passage initiations, men’s & women’s work, seasonal events, and so much more.. The remaining lodging and facilities will be ready for a full debut in late Spring 2024. We are beyond grateful to share this wondrous space with the world!

As we enter the dawn of New Year, each one of us have a choice.. a rare opportunity to redefine our relationship to ourselves, our loved ones, our planet and cosmic origin. What story do you wish to pen? Will it be a continuation of last year’s saga? Or will it be a fresh chapter born of an inspired beginning honoring the lessons learned along the trail? The psychedelic path encourages us to dig deep to discover the inherent wholeness and perfection that rests behind the ego-personality. The seat of the soul that experiences without judgement. If you’re heading the call, I am here to support you on your path of welcoming that avatar nature to the forefront of your reality. It is our heritage to remember and rekindle that limitless aspect of our nature. Thank you for bravely continuing to show up and remaining steadfast on your path home. And as always, Thanks for joining me for the ride!

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