Transformational Coaching & Psychedelic Facilitation

At the cusp of obtaining a Master’s Degree in Latin American History as a PHD Fellow at Ohio State University in the Summer of 2008, Ehren Cruz experienced a powerful transformative experience that would change his life forever.  Brought on by the ingestion of the psychedelic LSD during a music festival, the mind expanding compound led to a full cessation of individuated consciousness, dissolving perception into a state of universal awareness & interconnection.  All was one. All was love. All was intelligent, alive & interdependent of one another.  Both inexplicably terrifying and blissful in equal measure, the intensity of the experience resulted in immense shifts in life direction & perception that would take years to fully integrate & understand. 



Ehren Cruz is a Certified psychedelic coach through the Nation’s first Psychedelic Coaching Certification program facilitated by Third Wave, is an ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the Coaching Teachers Alliance (CTA), is the SouthEast Facilitator for the Nation’s first No Harm psychedelic journey service with Psychedelic Passage, and is a Hermetic Qabalistic Ceremonialist and Teacher.

Ehren is the proud father of three young daughters Aylin, Jaysa & Soryn – And a loving husband to Renee Cruz, who notably serves as the VP of Programs for the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention. They live together in a beautiful Cabin retreat on 11 acres just north of Asheville, NC they lovingly refer to as “The Journey’s End”… Yet perhaps it’s truly just a beginning.

Among the countless realizations that transpired from the experience, four trajectories were firmly decided upon that would forever change his life trajectory.  The first, is leaving his Graduate program two months away from completion of his Master’s thesis, as it became alarmingly clear his heart’s passion lied in the fostering of contemporary culture not piecing together fragments of the past. Secondly, he would propose to his then girlfriend now wife of twelve years – as anyone that can hold space for a full psychedelic (and likely kundalini) rebirth in the middle of a festival with a compassionate heart is an absolute gift to this world.  He then decided in lieu of academia to pursue a path producing festivals filled with radical creative expression and mission-centric community building – eventually becoming an award winning festival. And most importantly, he would intensely explore ancient practices of spiritual initiation and the sacramental use of entheogenics in an attempt to unveil a road map of inner discovery to support the growth of others who choose to walk the path that had radicallyimpacted every facet of his life.  The resulting journey culminating in a now 13 year devotional practice into the heart of the Hermetic Qabalistic ceremony and initiation.

Listen to Ehren share his story and process in these Nationally syndicated podcasts:

"Through the use of EQ enhancing tools, daily methods of passion & mission distillation, and the encouragement of radical authenticity, I lead clients into powerful states of self-discovery. Together lets unlock the full spectrum of untapped potential and grit that lives within you - to create a positive impact on everyone you touch ."

Events & Lifestyle

For over 10 years, Ehren has also dedicated his life to the creation of experiences that ignite the mind, inspire the heart, and empower our communities. From reimagining organizational culture to transforming the face of festivals & events, his success is rooted in the fostering of environments that welcome and encourage self-actualization, team synergy, and inspired creative expression. Between 2014-2019, Ehren produced, curated, and served as Master of Ceremonies for events welcoming over 300K patrons, hailing from 80 different nations, including 5400+ performers, 3000+ individual shows, 1650+ workshops, and countless immersive experiences – set a new bar for what’s possible when converging visionary art, music, culture, & spirit into an intentional festival setting.



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