The SpArc Harm Reduction Psychedelic Ceremonial Facilitation

The Third Wave of Psychedelics has arrived. A renaissance honoring entheogenic science and ceremony is underway. Have you heard the call?

Whether for mental health, spiritual growth, call to adventure, or personal evolution – Psychedelic journeys are rapidly becoming a central fixture in the hearts & minds of collective suffering from the intense isolation and disconnection of our times.  Studies show that nearly 20% of the US population is currently on mental health medication while even more are suffering from clinically diagnosed depression.  The role of psychedelics in mental health as a promising pathway toward highly effective & sustainable treatment for PTSD, Addiction, Acute depression, OCD, and many other mental health conditions have been widely explored in mainstream media news outlets and some of the country’s most prestigious Academic journals & institutions.  Yet the psychedelic experience isn’t for mental health alone. As Paul F. Austin, Founder of the leading psychedelic education platform Third Wave aptly states, “The time to embrace the shift of psychedelics from clinic to culture is now.”

Many of you have watched the enigmatic film Fantastic Fungi by master mycologist Paul Stamets, or read the provocative psychedelic exploits of journalist turned pioneering psychonaut, Michal Polan, in “How to Change Your Mind”, or perhaps caught a headline cover story in Newsweek, saw the Will Smith article in GQ, or watched Rick Doblin on Good Morning America shine a light on the powerful healing potential of psychedelics.  In fact, it may very well be these mainstream breakthroughs that may have brought you to this website today! Yet it’s critical to understand that although psychedelics can serve as powerful catalysts to shifts in life perception, they are not by any measure panaceas. Psychedelics can be a potent & visceral window into what change is possible in one’s life, along with neurochemically supporting those shifts.  Yet it is when these medicines are paired with a rigorous and sustained practice of healing, growth, and self-discovery that true lasting transformation is possible. 


This panel features four Asheville based professional facilitators: Ehren Cruz, Sarah “Salix” Lavine, Daniel Polk and Daphne Margot Krantz. Insights are shared from both the therapeutic and ceremonial lens. Together we explore mental health and medical contra-indicators, ethical considerations, trauma informed consent, differences between the medical & ceremonial model, red flags to pay attention to, and experiential factors that of high importance when selecting a guide. 


This 75 min presentation for the Psychedelic Society of Asheville followed by a Q & A reviews a host of vital considerations that will help you get the most out of your psychedelic experience. The discussion will include a full body, mind & spirit protocol exploring:

  • Somatic restoration, detoxification, and energy enhancement practices
  • Optimal diet, supplementation & movement recommendations prior to the journey
  • Mental health & Medication intake considerations including key contra-indicators
  • The importance of creating spaciousness and clarity through a media break, stress & anxiety mitigation techniques, and the critical role of intention setting
  •  Practices honoring the long lineage of initiatory, ceremonial &  sacramental use of the compounds 

Our Process:

The SpArc facilitates guided plant medicine journeys as a harm reduction service. Plant medicines are provided by the journeyer and we create a highly intentional structure to prepare, create a safe immersion environment, and integrate the experience.


 Lodging, Travel, & Accommodations are not Included in Medicine Journey Package.  Additional fees may be added to the package to finalize logistics.

Medicine Journey Package Includes:

  • - Mental Health Intake & Assessment
  • - Psychedelic Neurochemistry, Safety & Ethics Presentation
  • (2) 60 Min Preparation Sessions
  • (1) Full Day Immersive Medicine Journey Experience
  • (2) 60 Min Integration Sessions
  • (2) 2 Nights & 3 Days lodging in beautiful private airbnb on 11 acres of lush Blue Ridge Mountain land
  • - Full Prep, Journey & Integration Writeup


The SpArc does not provide psychoactive or controlled substances, nor are we licensed therapists, counselors, or medical professionals. Any information received through our services should be considered for educational purposes and not be misconstrued as medical or legal advice. Please use your discretion to ensure our services meet your needs.​

Every SpArc Medicine Journey Experience Includes

Mental & Physical Health Intake Screening

A mental & physical health screening for safety and readiness is the first step to exploring if a Psychedelic Journey is right for you. Our screening explores mental health conditioners that are contraindications for a safe experience including: Bi-Polar, Schizophrenia, Dissociative Identity Disorder, Sociopathy or narcissistic personality disorder. We also explore if you are currently or have recently been prescribed an SSRI, Lithium, or SNRI for a depressive or mood disorder – which doesn’t automatically exclude partaking, yet will lead to many important considerations for safe progression.  A physical screening will mainly focus on heart health and any known illnesses, disorders, or conditions related to adverse reactions to physical or mental stress.  In addition, ongoing addictions to alcohol and substance abuse will also be closely explored to ensure physical and psychological safety & readiness for the intensity of an immersive experience.


Our preparation guidelines are based upon the Holistic Model for a Balanced Life first introduced by Francoise Bourzat.  Together we take a 360 degree snapshot of your current body, mind, spirit, community & environmental orientation.  We assess physical rest, nutrition and exercise; mental stimulation sources like social media, politics and drama vs. regenerative & nourishing sources of engagement; the existence & role of spiritual & mindful practice; community & leadership impact circles; and your relationship to the environment.  All with the understanding that shifts in behavior in orientation to these five dynamics of life creating healthy practices & patterns can lead to a much richer & sustainable plant medicine journey. We also review the (4) stages and (5) traditional states of a psychedelic experience.

Immersive Journey Experience

The Journey will take place in a beautiful setting in the Blue Ridge Mountains surrounded by nature’s bounty, in a home temple equipped with every amenity for safety & comfort, and facilitated by a trained and certified psychedelic coach, guide & facilitator.  The journey will begin on a day of light fasting followed by a moderate hike in nature (physical capacity considered) to help release the contemplations of the mind and reorient into a more primal space of interconnection with the world around us.  This will be followed by a breathwork session and further intention distillation exercise.  The journey itself will last for 6-8 hours in which the full experience will be overseen by a trained, experienced, and certified guide.  The journey will conclude with a large nourishing meal and reflective conversation capturing key insights experienced. 


Integration in many ways is the most critical step of the journey facilitation Arc.  Without a way to capture and channel the depth and breadth of insights gleaned from an experience, due to their dramatically novel nature in one’s life, they are quite apt to puff away like a fading lucid dream.  Upon the culmination of an experience, an hour the following morning is spent capturing as many critical insights from the experience as possible.  This is then cross-referenced with the preparation & intention notes, as well as with insights expressed and captured during the journey itself by the facilitator and client.  A series of activities, actions, supportive modalities, and supplements will be provided to help retain and sustain these insights weaving them deeply into the fabric of your daily orientation for lasting personal growth and transformation. 


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