Inner Compass Transformational Coaching

The Inner compass coaching track is designed to support your alignment to your TRUE path & purpose – while providing you with the tools you need to heal and thrive along the way. This is an opportunity to dive deep into your “journey” of personal discovery – with a dedicated ally in a proven supportive process. Join me & together let’s welcome your gifts and devotion to self-mastery to embody your highest potential.

Inner Compass

$ 2500
  • Available in (3)
    payment installments of $833.34
  • (12) Transformational Coaching Sessions
  • (2) Vision Quest Experiences
  • (3) to (6) Month Commitment

Rites of Passage Transformational Coaching

Together let’s curate a dynamic preparation protocol for body, mind and spirit.  And when ready, with great intention and care, we will immerse into a ceremonial plant medicine initiatory journey of healing and discovery. Upon your return, we will cultivate a supportive framework to optimize your integration – using the Holistic Model for a Balanced. Life.  This will support the revelations and insights found while in an expansive state – providing the best opportunity for sustained embodiment. 

Program Includes:



Coaching Sessions include Supportive Modalities & Tools such as: Meditation, Breathwork,
Qi Gong, Supplementation, Creative Orientation Training, High Performance Optimization



Coaching Sessions include Supportive Modalities and Tools such as: Meditation, Breathwork, Qi Gong, Supplementation, Creative Orientation Training, High Performance Optimization

Initiation Path

$ 2500
  • (2) Month Commitment
  • (4) Coaching & (3) Integration Session
  • (1) All Inclusive Plant Ceremony Immersion

Embodiment Path

$ 4500
  • (4) Month Commitment
  • (8) Coaching & (6) Integration Sessions
  • (2) All Inclusive Plant Ceremony Immersions

Micro-Dosing for Self Mastery

The SpArc “Micro-Dosing for Self-Mastery” program focuses on two primary channels of personal growth: Performance optimization and Personal Healing. During our two month program, together we will design pair a custom micro-dosing protocol along with supportive modalities to reboot the nervous system. Pairing a custom protocol with synergistic practices we will aim to release toxins (physical, emotional, mental & spiritual) and enhance neuroplasticity (mental capacity & flexibility) activating greater clarity, focus, and flow to increase impact through healing, capacity building, mindset alignment and awareness elevation.

Program Includes:

Micro-Dosing for Self Mastery

$ 1000
  • Available in (3) payment installments of $333.34

Medicine Journey Experience

The SpArc facilitates guided plant medicine journeys as a harm reduction service.  Please note that we do not provide entheogenic compounds. Plant & Fungi medicines are to be provided by the journeyer. The SpArc then provides a highly intentional structure to Assess Readiness, Prepare for the Experience, create a safe immersive container to Navigate the experience on our beautiful sanctuary, and support the fully body integration of the Journey.

Program Includes:

Medicine Journey Experience

$ 1750 -2750
  • Pricing is based on household annual income. Please inquire for breakdown and payment options. (2) Nights lodging included with program.

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