"A SpArc is a little thing,
but it may kindle the world."

A Journey of Evolutionary Discovery

The SpArc is a groundbreaking Coaching & Harm Reduction Psychedelic Facilitation Service designed to radically elevate your life experience and impact. Using custom curated programs paired with powerful immersive experiences, we support your process of intense inner discovery and personal transformation. The SpArc was created to forge a path for growth minded individuals to self actualize - Becoming paragons of impact in their lives & careers.

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Transformational Coaching & Medicine Journey Facilitation

Within each and every one of us, there exists a fire. It is the source of our passion, purpose and will to experience and thrive in this world. For many of us, it may feel as if this fire has all but turned to ash.  Smothered by life’s traumatic lessons, the demands of career & family, and the intensity of living in a fear-based culture.  Yet despite all we face – from pandemics, to social unrest & politics – to depression, obsession & addiction – Something ancient is stirring within us to look deeper.  To seek out our ineffable SpArc, so vital to health and well being, and critical to overcoming the challenges we face on the journey ahead.  It is that deep & primordial call for inner discovery that has guided you here today.

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"What it Means to be a Psychedelic Ceremonialist"

For years when people asked what is my profession, I would try and seek out ways to fit my craft into labels that felt more accessible and palatable for them. I understand the power of psychological safety in choosing a guide, so I do not shirk away from finding language that aligns with important values we hold dear in our society to ensure integrity of craft. What do you do Ehren? Well I’m a transformational coach, a harm reductionist guide, an experience curator, a journey facilitator… As you can imagine, even these definitions often leave people head scratching requiring far more details to paint the full picture.
Even harder are the questions that come about regarding what gives me the credentials or authority to serve in this highly sensitive supportive role for others. This is even more difficult inquiry to answer within our contemporary society given the serious emphasis placed on certified trainings, licenses, education, and concrete credentialing. When the absolute truth be told, none of these linear educational paths within themselves are sufficient to prepare someone for the profound power of ushering someone safely through a high dose psychedelic experience. Do I have coaching certs? Absolutely, PCC and Third Wave Certified. Trauma informed? You bet! University education? Dual Major Anthropology & Education with extensive Post Grad work. Modality training? More practices than I can honestly remember. Is this what makes me ready to be a guide? Not even close.
For 15 years, my life has been devoted to the sacramental use of psychedelics for healing, personal growth and self-realization. Yet my even deeper focus, is learning the subtle art of ceremonial facilitation. For years I studied with Lakota-Sioux elders, immersed within Qabalistic Lodges, walked the path of the Ets Chayim with Aryeh Kaplan, poured over the embodiment teachings of Paul Selig, lived by the Four Agreements, produced transformative events for hundreds of thousands and have woven a life tapestry through intentional initiatory experiences. The confluence of living “Life as a Ceremony” has created an unshakable relationship with the vitality of ritual being a doorway to inner healing and self-discovery.
As our society continues to explore what makes someone ready to hold that precious space where the very psyche & soul of an earnest seeker is laid bare in the hope of healing, it’s important to remember that formal study alone does not prepare someone with the unfathomable vigor, bountiful compassion, subtle artistry and ethical integrity required to do it well. Experience and devotion to the craft is essential. Come to know your facilitator. Take the time to dive in and feel the lineage of this doula of the spirit. It can be one of the most important decisions you ever make in your life.
I’m Ehren Cruz, and I am a Psychedelic Ceremonialist. My whole life is a ceremony. What does that mean you ask? Well, I humbly invite you to connect, inquire, and dive into my life as a caretaker of sacred space. And together, let’s discover the true boundless potential of the human spirit to heal, transform, and transcend limitation. But be prepared, the psychedelic journey is only a beginning. Living an intentional, empowered choice based life is the true great odyssey we are embarking on together.

Ehren brings a lot to the table… I’ve had essential experiences of learning, growth and healing under his guidance and care, opening the doorway to greater freedom, authenticity and meaning. How does one quantify the value of this? I truly don’t know. What I do know is my work with Ehren feels like a blessing.. and my life has forever changed because of it.”

Recently I had the sincere honor of being featured in one of the top three psychedelic focused podcasts in the world – Third Wave. In the podcast, I share by far the most honest reflection of my journey with plant medicines in my life. From a psychedelic rebirth in 2008 that lead to me leave academia to answer a deeper call to be of service as a producer, master of ceremonies, and curator of transformational events for over 10 years; To immersing into a spiritual devotional path with Kabbalah while using psychedelics in the heart of ritual practice; to losing my ability to curate events and returning to where it all began in the heart of the ceremonial circle. Throughout the discussion, I candidly share my greatest life triumphs and serious hard lessons in this path of service; pushing myself to the psychological, emotional, and physical brink more times than I care to admit… Yet within this odyssey of a life I have chosen, I have truly & deeply found my spark. Living every day with a fullness that is beyond what I ever imagined possible. 

I am in awe of Ehren’s commitment to, and reverence for, a variety of spiritual paths. Along with his education and certifications, his path of expansion through a commitment to his own life work makes him uniquely qualified to support others’ in their individual paths towards greater joy and awakening.

If you yearn to unlock that sense of profound wonder & appreciation for life’s great journey – and to accelerate along your path of self-realization– I am here to fan your inner ember. Many hear the call toward intense evolutionary growth. Few choose to capture that SpArc and share that precious fire with the world. It’s time to embrace your life mission with resounding power & purpose. Grounded in your service. Devoted to your path. Prolific in your impact.

Your ripples matter.
Discover what you’re capable of.

Ehren is a masterful guide for those who seek deeply meaningful transformative experiences. His structured approach creates the best possible opportunity for you to safely push the bounds of what you think you are to discover who you truly are.

Inner Compass

The time for compromising on your personal & professional life path has come to an end. The Inner Compass coaching track will support you in discovering and activating your authentic purpose – providing you with powerful tools & support to elevate and thrive in the life you love.

Rites of Passage

Who am I? What am I? How do I serve? The answers to these core questions shape the heart of meaning in one’s life. I’m here to support you in the embodiment of your Highest potential, using ancient (sacred) plant medicines in a powerful initiatory experience, anchored through a rigorous holistic integration framework.

Micro-Dosing for Self-Mastery

Whether you want to relieve stress & anxiety, climb out of depression, or discover a new well-spring for motivation, high performance or creative flow – micro-dosing is one of the most versatile, safe, and powerful tools available when paired with healthy lifestyle changes.

Medicine Journeys

Experience the life transformative potential of a plant medicine journey in an integral facilitation framework. Adhering to Harm Reduction Principles within an authentic spiritual ceremonial container, this path allows for an integral plant medicine immersion in a safe & legal setting.

Medicine Retreats

Discover the power of a plant medicine experience within an intimate & supportive community setting. Find your tribe and explore your connection to ancient traditions of healing, transformation, and collective elevation.

Workshops & Classes

The path of the Magi is calling! Join us for Hermetic Qabalah: The Living Tree of Life – a 12 Week Course exploring legacy, tradition, ceremony, practice, and the life transformative power of initiation. New cohort begins May 2022!


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About Me

Transformational Coach & Psychedelic Guide

Since experiencing a life-defining psychedelic rebirth in 2008, Ehren has pursued the mindful study, use & facilitation of sacramental entheogenic compounds as a cornerstone of self-actualization, spiritual growth & servant leadership. Through creating a strong connection of trust & stewardship, Ehren ensures clients feel empowered, psychologically safe, and deeply celebrated in their journey of growth, and discovery. Ehren is a Third Wave Psychedelic Certified Coach (CCP1), ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Master Ceremonialist, Trauma Informed Specialist, and Father of 3 Daughters. To date has supported well over 100 high-dose ceremonial immersive experiences.

Together, let's unlock the full spectrum of untapped potential and drive that lives within you, to create ripples of positive impact on everyone you love & touch.

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Dive into the latest research, receive access special events & resources, and learn safe & ethical ways to explore the Psychedelic Renaissance!

Experience The SpArc Newsletter!

Dive into the latest research, receive access special events & resources, and learn safe & ethical ways to explore the Psychedelic Renaissance!