The SpArc Makes National News

Today marks a huge milestone in my Professional Psychedelic Path with my first National media publication!! This is by far the most candid and honest I have ever been about my evolutionary journey. It’s a bold piece, where I’m holding a strong banner for the empowerment and importance of harm reduction psychedelic facilitation. I believe having access to deeply intentional, ethical and compassionately supportive immersive experiences right now is critical for those who wish to heal and grow on their path. The article also explores the full psychedelic ecosystem in North Carolina following the great work of the NC Psychedelic Policy Coalition on Bill HB727 and in WNC where we are taking big meaningful strides forward with the organizations like The Pearl Psychedelic Institute and the Psychedelic Society of Asheville.

Big thanks to Daniel Walton and The Assembly for the feature! It’s a sincere honor (And honestly a bit mind-blowing!) to be sharing my journey so broadly. I hope it empowers others to live your truth and embrace your soul purpose right. Infinite gratitude for the love and support. 

Note: The article allows for one viewing then it hits a pay wall. You can view again on different devices once past that, then it is $5 for a monthly subscription that can be canceled anytime.

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