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Inner compass coaching includes three 60 minute sessions followed by a vision quest taking place on the fourth week of each month. The vision quest is a time designated to honoring the importance of challenging the self and synthesizing what has been learned along the journey. It will involve diving deep into meditation, breathwork, journal contemplation, dopamine fasting, an intense physical engagement, and intentional immersion into the natural world. The Inner Compass path requires a willingness to fearlessly explore the both the light and shadow within to find harmony & balance. I ask for your vulnerability, openness, trust and commitment as we navigate these inner waters together, guided by your inner compass. We will begin with healing, drive and a willingness to transform. Yet you are the navigator of your own destiny. Where this coaching odyssey ends, depends on your readiness to embrace your sovereign creative nature – and be the change you wish to see in the world.

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Inner Compass Coaching Includes:


Each one of us is born with a powerful gift. A spark that is beautiful and unique to our world. Actualizing this potential is key to a life of genuine fulfillment. Yet unearthing this treasure often requires a pivotal shift. A willingness to open up to entirely new thresholds of personal growth & discovery. The Inner compass coaching track is designed to help you align to your TRUE path & purpose – while providing you with the tools you need to thrive along the way. This is an opportunity to dive deep into your “journey” of personal discovery – with a dedicated ally in a proven supportive process. Join me & together let’s unearth your magic, mastery, and creative SpArc to create a positive impact on everyone & everything you touch. 

Every SpArc Coaching Path Includes the Following:

Braverman Assessment

Each coaching journey begins with a Braverman Personality Assessment.  The Braverman uses an extensive personality questionnaire to review memory, attention, physical state, character and personal values – to determine what neurochemical is dominant or primary in your nature. It also tracks how you react, respond, and/or create under stressful conditions to explore potential sources of deficiencies. 

The four main neurotransmitters assessed are dopamine, acetylcholine, serotonin, and Gaba.  With insight from this review, we can determine a health and wellness protocol to support your growth along the coaching journey.  This can include inviting new mindful modalities, shifts in nutrition, supplementation, exercise, and/or a micro-dose regimen to optimize focus, rest, flow, energy and well-being.  

Holistic Model for a Balanced Life

Based on the pioneering work of Somatic Psychologist and Curandera Francoise Bourzat, the Holistic Model of a Balanced Life reveals the powerful interdependent link between community, environmental and personal health & well-being.

Honoring these key connections, all our SpArc coaching programs begin with a 360 degree physical, mental, and spiritual snapshot. Exploring the aspects that feel strong, where support may be needed, and how to fully honor commitments to family, career, and personal capacity in the process.  It is our experience that often a few small intentional shifts have the power to lead to large meaningful changes in one’s life.  We invite each client to take an honest & compassionate look at themselves – with a willingness to lean in and take responsibility for their growth.  To courageously let go of what no longer serves an order to create the room needed for new habits, patterns, changes, and realizations to take hold.

S.M.A.R.T. & M.E.T.T.A. Goals

The SpArc coaching programs are all about creating measurable and achievable results.  Yet data is only part of the picture.  Each client with learning first hand how personal shifts in choice & orientation can dramatically transform your life.  Yet an even more important discovery – is why those shifts are so important to the soul.  Whether it’s career success, creating healthier relationships, finding more buoyancy and inner peace in the day-to-day, or a fusion of all of the above – clients are encouraged to track changes with outcomes that are SMART (See Acronym below) in their design. 

Yet life isn’t all about the destination.  With this fact firmly in mind, the SpArc has created a second key category where goals can be measured to ensure the integrity of our aim.  What lights you up with meaning?  What inspires the extraordinary in you?  What are you willing to push harder for.. than you ever have in your entire life?  What type of change is so core to your being that just the mere pursuit brings a state of gratitude and reverence to your life?  These are the deeper questions we work toward together with our METTA goal focus. (See Acronym Below)  


Specific (simple, sensible, significant)
Measurable (meaningful, motivating)
Achievable (agreed, attainable)
Relevant (reasonable, realistic and resourced, results-based).
Time-bound (time-based, time-limited, time/cost limited, timely, time-sensitive)


Meaningful (Soul Nourishing, Healing, Affirming,  Your Highest Calling)
Extraordinary (Visionary, Unbound, Evolutionary, Beyond simple measure) 
Tenacious (Requiring Focused, Dedicated, Resilient, & Resolved Effort) 
Timeless (Journey as Instrumental as Destination) 
Achievable (Agreed, Attainable) 

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Experience The SpArc Newsletter!

Dive into the latest research, receive access special events & resources, and learn safe & ethical ways to explore the Psychedelic Renaissance!