Our Mission

The SpArc is dedicated to the mission of discovering, supporting and elevating your unique soul expression. That deep and primordial fire within you that is timeless in origin, boundless in capacity, and precious in its sacred essence.  Through the mindful facilitation of transformational coaching, immersive workshops & events, rites of passage ceremonies, and plant medicine journeys – we provide an integral, safe and supportive framework for personal healing, evolutionary growth, and discovery.

Plant Ceremony History

The use of sacramental entheogenic plants have played a central role in healing, community harmonization, spiritual connection, and earth stewardship since the dawn of human civilization.

Shamanic cave paintings dating back to 38,000BC in the Northern France, Spain & the Sahara reveal psilocybin mushrooms with anthropomorphic figures in the ceremony. Psilocybin has also been discovered in pottery dating back to 2000 BC in Xiongnu China and is said to be the main ingredient for the legendary Soma beverage central to the prolific spiritual traditions of Vedic India. In Ancient Egypt, the Blue River Lily, mandrake & psilocybin mushrooms were used as a rites of passage ritual in ceremonies of the underworld, afterlife, and divination – and are featured in hundreds of hieroglyphic and sculpture art pieces over a 5000 year lineage. In Greece, the Kykeon brew was the central sacrament to the Eleusinian and later Dionysian mysteries. A pilgrimage while fasting to the sacred temples was followed by imbibing on ergotted wine (Ergot being the man fungal ingredient in LSD) hailed by Socrates, Plato, Emperor Marcus Oralius, Sophicles and many of the most enigmatic figures of Hellenistic Greece, as critical to the upholding the virtue of Athenian culture. There is also evidence suggesting that the earliest Gnostic Christian eucharist was also an entheogenic sacrament as found in Brian Muraresku’s seminal book – “The Immortality Key”.

While Indigenous cultures including Aborigine in Australia, who communed with the Pituri bush to enter the dream time; and the the Bwiti tribe of West Africa utilizes the Iboga root, used these plants to connect with ancestors, experience the dream time, and release unhealthy attachments. (Note: The iboga root is now renowned in contemporary medicine for its prolific capacity to rehabilitate those suffering from major opioid addiction.) Ayahuasca, the vine of souls, a brew made from the Banisteriopsis caapi and psychotria viridis plants, invokes a powerful connection to the natural kingdom providing perspective to man’s role as guardians and stewards of ALL life. Peyote and Huachuma (San Pedro) cacti have also played a central role in ceremonial indigenous traditions in both North & South America, largely responsible for the preservation of many sacred ceremonial traditions that would have been lost to persecution. And lastly, the Flesh of the Gods or psilocybin mushrooms, the essence of Teonanacatl Xoxipilli (God of Flowers) in the Aztec tradition, and core sacrament in Mayan and the ancient Mazatec traditions, continues to be utilized as a medicine central to the upholding core virtues of the spirit, ancestral connection, healing, and self-realization.

Our Vision

The SpArc is devoted to the elevation of humanity through the restoration of a symbiotic relationship between contemporary culture and our plant medicine allies.  We strive to educate, uplift, and empower the human spirit in those we serve, creating ripples of impact far beyond what we can ever hope to perceive.  Through the activation of individuals, groups, and collectives – we strive to synchronize our efforts with other integral initiatives across the globe-  weaving together a tapestry of conscientious leaders to transform our world for the better. 

Our Promise

The SpArc is devoted to integrity, honesty and respect for every client we serve. We believe in the absolute sovereign choice of individuals to determine the Arc of their path and honor your right to discern what feels aligned for personal growth. Absolutely everything we offer is given in the spirit of invitation. We celebrate all spiritual paths, races, beliefs and traditions with equal respect & reverence. We are committed to total and complete transparency with our methods & approaches. We welcome inquiry and feedback at every step of the way – and promise to uphold safe and ethical containers for all services and experiences.


The SpArc does not provide psychoactive or controlled substances, nor are we licensed therapists, counselors, or medical professionals. Any information received through our services should be considered for educational purposes and not be misconstrued as medical or legal advice. Please use your discretion to ensure our services meet your needs.

By reading or participating in The SpArc’s website, social media accounts, LMS, emails, training courses, experiences, or any other of our communications & engagements, you acknowledge the following:

  • The products and services you receive from The SpArc are not offered as a substitute for professional mental health care or medical care and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any mental health or medical conditions.
  • The SpArc makes no claims about the specific individual results or outcomes that may occur or their permanency.
  • Ideas offered by The SpArc are solely for the intended purpose of education for individuals and professionals who will apply those ideas at their own discretion in the context of their personal work and practice.
  • You are fully in charge of and responsible for your well-being during coaching, immersions, and training, including your choices and decisions during and after.
  • The SpArc and any agents are waived from any claim, or demand for compensation for damages you may claim to have as a result of the relationship with or advice given by The SpArc.

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