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I’m thrilled to share a new project I’ve been working on ~ The Psychedelic Society of Asheville has officially launched! Co-Founded by experienced facilitator Daniel Polk with supportive leadership by Sarah Salix Levine & Dan Casciato – the society has already brought in over 350 members in just a few short months to our meetup group with over 40 licensed or certified professionals in the mental health field.

Mission: To educate, advocate, and create community around the healing and transformational power of psychedelics.

Vision: To provide support, resources, and a safe container for those seeking guidance in healing, spiritual growth and personal development through psychedelics. We serve to foster the development of an informed culture that respects indigenous lineage, scientific research, harm reduction principles, ethics, and personal responsibility in the intentional use & facilitation of psychedelic medicine.

I warmly invite you to join our Meetup Group and Community Discord where we’ll be sharing a series of workshops, resources, advocacy tools, and opportunities to engage with an incredible rapidly blossoming community! There will be plenty of virtual offerings as well – so by all means please feel free to take part if you are not from the immediate region.

This panel features four Asheville based professional facilitators: Ehren Cruz, Sarah “Salix” Lavine, Daniel Polk and Daphne Margot Krantz. Insights are shared from both the therapeutic and ceremonial lens. Together we explore mental health and medical contra-indicators, ethical considerations, trauma informed consent, differences between the medical & ceremonial model, red flags to pay attention to, and experiential factors that of high importance when selecting a guide.

This 75 min presentation for the Psychedelic Society of Asheville followed by a Q & A reviews a host of vital considerations that will help you get the most out of your psychedelic experience. The discussion will include a full body, mind & spirit protocol exploring:

  • Somatic restoration, detoxification, and energy enhancement practices
  • Optimal diet, supplementation & movement recommendations prior to the journey
  • Mental health & Medication intake considerations including key contra-indicators
  • The importance of creating spaciousness and clarity through a media break, stress & anxiety mitigation techniques, and the critical role of intention setting
  • Practices honoring the long lineage of initiatory, ceremonial & sacramental use of the compounds
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