Changing Leadership Mindsets with Psychedelics

I’m honored to be featured on a top 1% worldwide listenership podcast with the Innovative Leadership Institute on their first episode on psychedelics! Celebrated author, Leadership thought Leader, CEO and host Maureen Metcalf, MBA and I dove in to the potential of psychedelic compounds to support servant leadership, innovation and creative genius. It’s often forgotten that discoveries such as the double helix, the cloud and the micro-chip were breakthroughs born of a catalytic psychedelic experience. We also explore the differences between the therapeutic and ceremonial approach. There is great promise in gathering adept thinkers and innovators and presenting them with social, environmental, and professional complex problems within a psychedelic setting to support divergent thinking and innovative insight. Mental health is an important gateway toward reestablishing the long overdue respect for the healing potential of these medicines. Yet exploration into the capacity for the safe, intentional and ethical use of these extraordinary compounds to support evolutionary growth in leaders has only just begun. If interested in exploring an experience for yourself or your team please don’t hesitate to reach out! I hope you enjoy our conversation.
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