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Geetings friends!  The Communitas building Sanctuary project is at along last coming coming to a close. 11 years of dreaming and 20 full months of construction is winding down into the manifestation of a beautiful retreat center right in the heart of Western North Carolina.  Pictured above are my wife and I strolling through a beautiful sculpture garden with giant mushrooms, dragons, buddhas, pottery and thrones. Why such whimsical art you ask? Wonder. The psychedelic experience opens us up to a primordial connection with the world around us.  It helps us return to a place of stewardship and symbiotic relationship with nature. It helps us open up to a dynamic and myseterious universe filled with magic and possibility. It allows us to put down the social & cultural conditioning to wake up once again to the true power of our creativity, imagination and joy.  After a journey, where the limitations and restrictions of contemporary culture are often lifted and one’s main identity resides in the “child of the universe” orientation.. Why not stroll through a garden filled with magic and mystery?

We still have a ways to go to finalize furnishing, decor, and a last few design elements.. but it sure feels good to have completed the heavy lifting.  For those planning on engaging in immersive experiences with the SpArc, you will already have access to our beautiful airbnb, sculpture garden and ponds, and 11 acres of lush Blue Ridge Land. Yet come late Fall, the Communitas Tower will fully open wide for lodging and access.. And come next Spring 2024 – we will have a fully functioning 3000 square ft. retreat center equipped with 10 rooms for lodging, 2 full kitchens, 4 bathrooms, a state of the art ceremonial chamber, indoor and outdoor sonos sounds throughout the entire facility, visionary art and crystal wonders throughout, a meeting center, and an entire estate to explore.  If you have a group, are a practitioner/producer of intentional small experiences, or have a special function you wish to celebrate in this beautiful mountain country – please don’t hesitate to reach out! We’d love to explore if Communitas Sanctuary may be a space to support your dreams. Now onto an exciting host of updates, services and new resources to support your journey. And as always, Thanks for joining me for the ride!

Listen to the Full Recorded Audio for Secret Dreams Presentation:
"Why You Trippin'"

The Extraordinary Lineage of Psychedelics in Festivals and the Great Myth of Recreational Use

I recently had the sincere pleasure of presenting a keynote discussion “Why You Trippin’?” at Secret Dreams Music & Art Festival. The presentation is a deep dive exploration into the “recreational” psychedelic frontier and WHY people since time immemorial have been called to expand consciousness through psychedelic medicines in community settings. It’s also a direct response to the taboo culture that has used religion, law, and moral superiority to diminish the importance of psychedelic exploration outright or only within a strict therapeutic or traditional ceremonial setting. Its time to redefine the relationship of psychedelics in ecstatic experiential community settings to being far more than just “recreation”. I hope you enjoy this Talk!

Explore 24 huge questions
about psychedelics with Dr. Matthew Johnson

Psychedelic research is enjoying a renaissance. Matt Johnson, a professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Johns Hopkins, is at the forefront of the movement to redefine our understanding of the mind and its interaction with these powerful substances.

Johnson’s research focuses on unraveling the scientific underpinnings of psychedelic substances, moving beyond their historical and cultural context to shed light on their role in modern therapeutic applications. With a perspective that merges traditional psychiatry and cutting-edge neuroscience, he posits that psychedelics harbor a unique capability to induce transformative, enduring changes, sometimes after a single encounter. These effects span from perceptual alterations to profound spiritual experiences, demonstrating their intrinsic “mind-manifesting” attributes.

As psychedelic compounds steadily enter the sphere of clinical trials, Johnson’s groundbreaking research underscores their potential to bring about a paradigm shift in psychiatry, neuroscience, and pharmacology. His empirical pursuit unveils the promise of these substances in navigating the complexities of human consciousness.

The SpArc Medicine Journey Experience

Are you feeling the call to experience a life transformative healing immersive experience?

The use of psychedelic medicine for mental health, personal growth and self-actualization is an ancient tradition honored since time immemorial throughout the world.  At the SpArc, I support the highly intentional, ethical and safe use of entheogenic compounds to help support your healing journey.  If you have been challenged with treatment resistant depression, suffer from anxiety or have deep questions about your true path & purpose and have a deep calling to heal & grow for yourself & family – the Medicine Journey experience may be a pivotal next step in your evolutionary path.  To date, I have had the sincere honor of facilitating over 150 high dose journey experiences supporting all walks of life.  The architecture of the Medicine Journey program is deeply intentional with a composite preparation, navigation and integration protocol supported by mental health screenings, supportive tools and resources and a custom framework designed around your specific needs & intentions.  Discover more about the SpArc Medicine Journey experience! And see what others are saying about their inward odyssey with the SpArc! 

“Working with Ehren has been profoundly helpful in ways I did not expect. Every session was a special treat, changed the whole vibe of my day and felt extremely supportive whatever the place I was in at that time. I understood on the long run that all the practices we tailored together and that I implemented daily would contribute to a whole new sense of balance, self-appreciation and self-respect, while life presented challenges that I would have felt unable to go through in the past and still preserve my mental, spiritual, emotional and physical health.

I am very grateful to have crossed path with Ehren and thankful for the care that he has been providing during the Journey, but also during his coaching offerings. It has only been 7 months since the Journey and yet my life has changed TREMENDOUSLY for the better (and the way my brain works too!). I don’t have the words to describe how powerful and fascinating this path has been so far. If you feel ready to take the leap, I could only recommend Ehren for his unique and holistic approach that honors every single human here. Thank you again, brother!”

Julie P. W. (Pisgah Forest, NC)

‘First Data’ Published Showing Lack of Support During Psychedelic Integration May Lead to Harm

The increase comes as clinical trials validate the benefits of psychedelics, and laws are growing more permissive. Mushrooms and some other psychedelics are decriminalized or legalized in about 20 counties, cities and states. 

Outside of medical, retreat, or legal contexts, it’s up to each person to take care of their integration needs. A growing number of psychologists, therapists and coaches are training to provide integration. Many psychedelic societies around the world offer integration circles. Still, the need is far greater than what’s available. 

The History of Ancient Consciousness Technologies

Throughout the history of our species, psychedelics have played a fascinating role in shaping culture and wisdom. Ancient traditions from around the globe, ranging from the Ancient Greeks in Europe to the Aztecs in Mexico have incorporated mind-altering substances into their rituals and spiritual ceremonies. People have used it to induce visionary experiences, commune with nature, and explore the depths of consciousness, mind, and reality.

But the use of psychedelics has not been limited to ancient cultures that existed millennia before us. Only as little as 60 years ago, in the 1960s, psychedelics played a crucial part in the emergence of an alternative culture in the U.S. (sometimes called “the hippie counterculture”). Central to this movement was the questioning and disruption of status quo beliefs, values, ways of doing and being…

A professor of religious studies meticulously documents his insights from 73 high-dose LSD sessions conducted over the course of 20 years 

Chronicles, with unprecedented rigor, the author’s systematic journey into a unified field of consciousness that underlies all physical existence.

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