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Greetings dear friends!  Recently I have received a lot of questions about Micro-dosing from clients and friends interested in exploring this unique form of supplementation to support their healing and growth journey. Unlike the deep dive immersive experience, Micro-Dosing supports a slow & steady capacity building through gently and gradually creating an ecosystem of increased neuroplasticity.  The medicine helps to uncouple maladaptive connections in the body – composting unhealthy patterns, habits, beliefs and self-imposed or socially accepted limitations – while simultaneously boosting emotional resilience & capacity to increase focus and drive. 

As with the larger macro dose experience, the medicine isn’t a panacea. A strong micro-dose regimen requires a great deal of attention & vigilance coupled with a healthy body, mind & spirit protocol to optimize the value. Additionally, working together with the intelligence of the medicine (And I do not use that word lightly) with deep intention and care, helps to fortify the healing and transformative effects over the long term.  You can imagine the micro-dosing path as progressively building your foundation by 2% increments slowly and steadily each week until you find that your awareness, capacity, and impact has ascended to new fortified levels … Essentially welcoming the new you! 

At the SpArc, I’ve worked together with dozens of clients over the past several years using Micro-Dosing for healing and self-mastery. Designing intentional protocols, supporting the acquisition of high quality supplements, creating a strong attainable goals and serving as an accountability partner has helped drive clients to attain higher states of sustained being.  Using a term by Alan Watts, the Micro-doses help to draw you out of “spotlight consciousness” where you are continually in the weeds with a narrow “what’s next on the list” focus in life toward “lantern consciousness” where you have a beautiful 30,000 ft. 360 degree view of your path, your relationships, your genuine resources and your evolutionary trajectory.  

As we approach the holiday season where many face difficult hardships in memory and challenges with family, Micro-Dosing can become a powerful way to navigate the intensity with genuinely effective support.  If you have a desire to explore or learn more about how micro-dosing may be supportive to your healing and/or self-actualization process, please don’t hesitate to reach out!  In my own path of healing and growth, using medicines in small intentional doses has had every bit as much an impact on my overall well-being as deeper immersive experiences.  

Here is a link to a recent study scientifically supporting the healing effects of Micro-dosing. I hope you find these insights on micro-dosing supportive for your journey!  Now onto some additional content that I hope nurtures your Hero’s journey as you courageously set sail on the mid-Autumn trail. And as always, Thanks for joining me for the ride! 

Dosed: The Trip of a Lifetime

I recently had the opportunity to view this powerful film following a loving mother of four that is granted the legal right for medical use of magic mushrooms. She then embarks on a remarkable journey of personal transformation and healing while exploring lesser known possible cures for cancer, like cannabis oil.   It is a profound exploration of the heart and reveals the truly extraordinary visceral effects a medicine mushroom journey in a supportive protocol can have on one’s life perspective. In my own experience working with many who suffer from an existential fear of death, the medicine helps tremendously by providing us with a deep connection to our essential self simultaneously releasing stagnant aspects of identity that limit our perspective.   Click above to view the trailer or CLICK HERE to visit the Dosed page for access to the documentary. 


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The SpArc Facility: The Communitas Sanctuary

So often I am asked if it is safe to use SSRI’s leading up to a psychedelic journey. The answer quite frankly is, its complicated.  However, this is the best article I have discovered that I often refer clients to as they are preparing for a psychedelic immersive experience and questioning whether or not to titrate off of SSRI’s in the process. Or in many cases hope to use this catalytic moment as an opportunity to kick the SSRI’s and transition into a natural regimen through a journey experience followed by an intentional Micro-Dosing regiment afterward. I hope you find this article supportive as you make key considerations regarding your mental health, SSRI use, and obtaining the most value as possible from a psychedelic experience.  

Key Takeaways
  • Tapering off antidepressants prior to a psychedelic experience mitigates the blunting effects, allowing for the psychedelic medicine to work uninhibited.

  • When tapering off of a prescribed medication, doing so 2 weeks in advance and under the care of a facilitator provides a supportive and safe container for this delicate process.

  • Microdosing may be an effective alternative to prescription antidepressants

Self-treatment with psychedelics: Users report moderate benefits but with more negative effects

As a harm reductionist and psychedelic ceremonialist, I hold firmly to the belief in psychedelics to be powerful catalysts of lasting healing & positive change. However, the set, setting and protocol one engages with for safe and intentional use has a powerful impact on the therapeutic benefit. These are extremely strong medicines. Taking them without knowledge and awareness for how to navigate expanded states as a cure-all can have devastating effects like our recent pilot friend found out the hard way. Below is a study that recently evaluates the therapeutic benefit and potential pitfalls of psychedelic use outside of an intentional protocol. 

People who use psychedelic substances in an attempt to self-treat their mental health tend to report mild-to-moderate positive outcomes, according to new research published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology. But there were more negative effects reported by these individuals than in clinical settings where professionals are involved in the treatment.

There is growing evidence that psychedelic drugs may have potential in the treatment of mental health conditions, particularly when they are administered in controlled settings and combined with psychotherapy. But many people are using psychedelics to self-treat a variety of mental health conditions, highlighting the need for increased education and harm reduction strategies to minimize potential risks.  Click to Read Full Article.

Psychedelic Drugs May Be Able to Treat Brain Injuries, Stimulating New Neurons to Replace Impaired Ones

Encouraging brain injury research—conducted in test tubes, lab animals, and a few small studies in people—points to the potential of psychedelic drugs to limit brain damage after injury, and even stimulate the birth of new neurons to replace impaired ones.

They can open the learning windows that allow the brain to acquire new skills.

One recent study, published in the journal Nature, found lab animals taking psychedelics adopted skills as adults that were previously limited to childhood.

Maya Drug Secrets Revealed in Ancient Plant Residues

For the first time ever, scientists have identified a non-tobacco plant in ancient Maya drug containers. The researchers say the plant residues suggest that the Maya found a way to make tobacco smoking “more enjoyable.” This find is also shedding new light on the psychoactive and non-psychoactive plants that the ancient Maya and other pre-Columbian societies smoked, chewed, or snuffed.

The Washington State University research team, led by Mario Zimmermann, studied a collection of 14 miniature Maya ceramic vessels that are more than 1,000 years old. Some of the vessels were recently excavated and others were from museum collections, but all of them originated in Mexico’s Yucatán peninsula.

If you are female identifying and feel called to the powerful transformative healing work of Ayahuasca, a dear friend and trusted facilitator Debbie Elise is hosting two retreats in the Sacred VAlley of Peru next April.  

If you are feeling called to embark on this deep journey through sisterhood, plant medicine, and deep connection.
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