Journey of Discovery Retreat

Postponed until April 2024 Lakeside, Michigan

“It’s hard to think of any part of the journey that did not work well for me. The preparation calls, creating my intention, the setting, the incredible supportive group, the schedule, the support from the four of you, how you made each phase work to support the journey, the care you all demonstrated during the experience to make it feel safe, the group sharing and the followup calls. I have been part of countless business retreats over the years and never experienced the care and professionalism that was part of this Journey of Discovery.”

Open Up To New Possibilities

As we evolve in our lives, there are many opportunities and choices along the way.  How do we live in a manner that is aligned with the life we want?   For many of us it is a journey, one that is full of exploration and possibilities.

Dive deeply into consciousness and unlock your innermost potential in a powerfully transformative experience under the careful guidance of highly experienced facilitators.  Experience how personal transformation, healing, and growth can lead to a powerful and profound impact on your life and that of everyone you touch.

Set on peaceful, private land in gorgeous Lakeside Michigan – This intimate, intentional retreat will challenge you to tap into your most authentic self, and enable you to live your life with greater purpose, clarity, and impact.

The Retreat Features:

  • 3 Days & 2 Nights of Self-Discovery & Healing with group and individual activities designed to bring out your best
  • (1) 90 Min group Preparation Call to explore the full arc of the Journey Experience 
  • (1) 30 min Individual Preparation call to distill personal intention for the retreat
  • A Ceremonial Journey with Transformative Immersion on Day 2
  • Daily leadership workshops, meditation, and movement practices
  • Coaching, Check-Ins and Integration Circles
  • Fully Catered delicious and nutritious organic meals (With Dietary needs accommodated)
  • (1) 90 Minute In person Group Integration on the Final day of experience
  • (1) 75 Minute Zoom Integration within (2) weeks of the experience
  • Note: Additional optional 1 on 1 integration sessions are available. Please inquire for more details.

Am I Ready?

How do you know if you are ready for a transformative journey?

You might ask yourself the following questions:

Would having a fresh perspective serve me in creating the life I want?

Am I seeking deeper truths and greater alignment with my authentic path & purpose?

Would it serve me to reassess my inner compass to align with a desired future?

Do I feel called to seek new avenues of healing, insight, inspiration, and connection?

Am I curious about consciousness and ways to perceive my place in the world?

If you have answered “Yes” to any of these questions, this retreat is for YOU.

“Overall the experience was superbly executed. The lead team ran the event seamlessly and created a wonderful nurturing environment. Anyone who wants to hear an angel sing in real life should sign up for this. Personally, I had a beautiful experience. I left the journey feeling excited about the future. I felt very centered and energized as I re-entered my day to day life the following week. I would highly recommend this experience for anyone who is looking to discover more balance and peace in their lives.”

Journey of Discovery Retreat - Medicine journey - Medicine Retreat - The SpArc

Will I be Safe?

Your safety is our highest priority.  Before engaging in this program every participant will be screened for physical & mental health conditions to ensure readiness for the experience. Our team of highly skilled facilitators will help you prepare for, navigate, and properly integrate your journey in order to ensure the most beneficial and harmonious experience possible. The facilitation team will include at least (1) experienced therapist, (1) trauma informed specialist & (1) CPR Member of the team on site at all times. 

Journey of Discovery Retreat - Medicine journey - Medicine Retreat - The SpArc

Regenerate in a beautiful Lakeside Vista walking distance to a beach on private land in gorgeous lakeside Michigan.

Join us for a profound mind-expanding experience. Be part of an amazing retreat that cultivates a set, setting, and condition that has the power to change your life; allowing you to take the journey you need, not the one you want. In addition, the true work is not just about the retreat alone, but the prep and integration before and after the experience. Together let's turn a peak moment into a new pathway toward the optimization of your life!

“My personal journey has always been one of becoming a better human. I am successful and fulfilled professional, with a thoughtful and extensive spiritual practice… that lay back in my past and was almost forgotten. I longed to remember and reconnect with my deepest, strongest, most generative self: My trust in this group of facilitators opened an avenue for doing so in a way that is fast, deep and viscerally imprinting and therefore unforgettable. Thanks to their extraordinary care in preparation, environment, atmosphere, ceremonial wisdom and live music (truly “of the spheres”), some undeniable, clear certitudes came to me in response to my inner questions and unsettled wonderings. I never felt unsafe for a minute. Neither could i ever misunderstand this Journey as a recreational event devoid of purpose. The SpArc facilitates us receiving the healing, wise power of the medicines that allow us to realize, gratefully and reverently, how connected we are to everything and everyone.”

Journey of Discovery Retreat - Medicine journey - Medicine Retreat - Psychedelicre treat- The SpArc
Journey of Discovery Retreat - Medicine journey - Medicine Retreat - The SpArc
Journey of Discovery Retreat - Medicine journey - Medicine Retreat - The SpArc

Ehren Cruz, PCC

Since a life-defining psychedelic rebirth in 2008, Ehren Cruz has pursued the mindful study & use of sacramental entheogenic substances as a cornerstone of self-actualization, spiritual growth & servant leadership. After a decade serving as an award-winning event producer & high-performance team builder, his life is now dedicated to supporting the self-realization of integral leaders, innovators and creators in personal & professional evolution. Ehren Cruz is a Certified Third Wave Psychedelic Coach, ICF Professional Coach, CTA Life Coach, and Master Ceremonialist. 

M.J. Jiaras, Psy.D.

MJ is psychotherapist, studio musician, and high-level executive coach. He has worked with leaders of Fortune 100 companies for 20+ years. He brings deep insight into the culture, leadership, and how to create sustainable changes that help individuals become their best. His integrated framework of “intentional leadership” is a perfect complement to the transformational potential of psychedelics.

Sonia Kreitzer

Sonia is a singer, songwriter, and sound healer who performs under the name Doe Paoro. She has released four full-length records, and her songs have amassed over 25 million streams worldwide and been featured on TV, film and radio. She also records guided meditations and has been featured as a meditator on both Apple Music and InsightTimer.

Sonia comes from a family of healers and artists and is interested in exploring the intersection of music, healing, and consciousness. When not on tour, she facilitates soundbaths, singing and yoga retreats, and music for ceremonial spaces worldwide.

Favorite Medicine Song: Hawe dautibuya


• Insight into core beliefs and sense of identity
• Breaking out of negative patterns and habits
• Deep healing through emotional release
• Increased self compassion
• Increased compassion for others, leading to better relationships


• Feeling of deep connection with all that exists
• New appreciation for everyday life
• Loss of fear and self-concern associated with ego boundaries
• Experience of direct encounter with the divine
• Inner sense of renewal and revitalization


• Enhanced problem-solving ability
• New perspectives on existing projects and ideas
• Think outside the normal framework of space, time and language
• Increased artistic and aesthetic sensibility
• Faster and easier to generate new ideas

Tuition for the retreat is $2500, which includes the $1000 application deposit.

Deposit of $1000 is due upon application completion & medical screening clearance.

All tuition is due by April 1, 2024.

All payments will be made to Ehren Cruz using Zelle at [email protected] or Venmo @Ehren-Cruz (Last 4 digits = 5357)

Please include a note that the deposit/payment is for the Journey of Discovery Retreat.

Note: There are no refunds past the due date of April 15, 2024.  Situations of extreme extenuating circumstances will be evaluated on a case by case to determine the feasibility of reimbursement. 

Tuition includes lodging for (2) nights and delicious organic meals for the duration of the stay.  All dietary specifications and rooming requests will be considered in advance. 

Please note that tuition does not include any travel expenditures to make it to or from the retreat. 

It is our sincere hope that the pandemic and threat of infection will continue its current trends and be greatly diminished by mid Spring 2022. During the retreat, we are fortunate to have ample space with proper air circulation, as well as opportunities to gather outdoors whenever possible. Still, we intend to take every safety precaution, including the employment of mandatory PCR testing within 72 hours prior to arrival. While we do not require that you have been vaccinated by the start of the retreat, you are strongly encouraged to consider the risks of participation, both for yourself, your family, and your fellow participants. If you are experiencing any symptoms of cold or flu prior to the retreat, we ask that you please stay home.  We will provide a full refund with proof of a Covid-19 positive test should this deter participation. 

Interested applicants should email Ehren Cruz at [email protected] with “Journey of Discovery Interest” in the subject.  We will then respond with the link to the full application, screening info, and details on the intake & prep scheduling.

Tuition for the retreat is $2500, which includes a deposit of $1500 due upon completion.

All Tuition is due by  April 1, 2024.

Payment instructions will be provided via direct correspondence after inquiry and completion of forms.

Note: There are no refunds past the due date of April 15, 2024.

Journey of Discovery Retreat - Medicine journey - Medicine Retreat - Psychedelicre treat- The SpArc

Space is Extremely Limited Registration Closes April 1, 2024


Ehren Cruz
Renee Cruz
Dr. Nick Atlas

June 2022



Outside of Asheville, North Carolina
(Exact location provided upon acceptance into the retreat)


Evolutionary Education®

[email protected]



Investment: $1250

Payment Plan:

$400 mo on 4/01, 5/01, 6/01

To apply for the course, please submit an online application and $100 deposit.

You may pay your deposit via the link below or use one of our preferred methods (Venmo, Cash App, Zelle, or PayPal).




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