“Shroom for Improvement” in the Mountain Xpress!

Shroom for Improvement” in the Mountain Xpress - The SpArc

The SpArc Featured in Major Regional Publication
“Shroom for Improvement” in the Mountain Xpress!

I’m incredibly grateful to see this beautiful cover on our local Mountain Xpress paper here in Asheville, NC! To see the momentum of psychedelic culture, reach the very heart of our city is deeply encouraging and a true sign of the times. We have come such a long way.

Many people are quietly suffering right now. Pharmaceuticals and talk therapy alone are just not providing enough answers for countless individuals seeking a lasting change. Plant & fungi medicine are offering ways to heal that are deep, powerful and lasting in their impact. The article is extremely well researched and written from a balanced & thoughtful perspective. I had the honor of being featured on a section about safety and ethics, core considerations when seeking to participate in the intensity of an immersive journey experience. The medicine is not a panacea, it is a catalyst. The importance of deep intention, preparation, integration and safety is key to ensuring a lasting transformative experience.

This type of rigorous mindset preparation rests at the heart of the SpArc Medicine Journey facilitation program.  When you are resolved to embody the changes you wish to see, the medicine alongside a carefully curated protocol can actualize those powerful realizations through the power of intention & synthesis.  We then work together post journey with full conviction to make it real; forging hard won choices claimed through an active lifestyle, creating momentum ensuring the beauty of discovery directly integrates into quality of life. 

I’m so grateful to be a part of this Psychedelic movement! Step by step we are normalizing the conversation about psychedelic healing, growth and transformation. Check here for a link to the full article! And if you are ready to explore if a Medicine Journey is right for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out in connection for a free Consultation. 

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