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Why you Trippin’?
The Extraordinary Lineage of Psychedelics in Festivals and the Great Myth of Recreational Us


I recently had the sincere pleasure of presenting a keynote discussion “Why You Trippin’?” at the Secret Dreams Music & Art Festival.  The presentation is a deep dive exploration into the “recreational” psychedelic frontier and WHY people since time immemorial have been called to expand consciousness through psychedelic medicines in community settings. It’s also a direct response to the taboo culture that has used religion, law, and moral superiority to diminish the importance of psychedelic exploration outright or only within a strict therapeutic or traditional ceremonial setting. Its time to redefine the relationship of psychedelics in ecstatic experiential community settings to being far more than just “recreation”.

For 200,000 Years, homo-sapiens sapiens have anatomically been mirror images of our contemporary selves. Yet out of the blue 40,000 years ago, hunter gatherer civilizations started producing masterworks of art & architecture hailing a renaissance in creative, cultural and spiritual evolution.  But what Happened? Psychedelics. Since time immemorial, people have gathered to use psychedelics to individually & collectively learn, grow, heal and connect to nature and the cosmos.  But where were psychedelics predominantly used?  In lofty temples, secret chambers and ziggurats? Perhaps. Yet the lion share was ingested in fields, forests of cultural gatherings at the very epicenter of communities. The term “recreational use” (coined by mental health professionals often paired with a dismissive hand wave) has greatly damaged the collective perception of public psychedelic use. Yet the alchemist path exploring consciousness on the frontier of civilization has long served as the gateway to revelation & growth fostering innovation and healing for communities and families.

In this discussion, we will review the Three Waves of Psychedelic movements and their impact: Ancient Civilization & Indigenous use, the rebirth of psychedelic movements 60’s, and the contemporary renaissance breaking down the doors of the War on Drugs.  We will also explore the power of collective psychedelic use in conjunction with music, art, radical creativity and culture to expand paradigms of the human potential through festival culture. We will challenge the idea of there being a dramatic separation between recreational, intentional and sacramental use and how removing these limiting definitions can create greater freedom for growth and discovery.  Lastly, we’ll explore, with both a mystical & scientific lens, what we are actually doing amplifying our psychic, empathic and intuitive capacities in this dynamic magical environment together.  But be warned! You can’t unknow what you know! Once you learn the true transformational power of the compounds you are ingesting, you’re officially responsible for the caretaking and stewardship of just how important these festival spaces are for the evolution of your life path and dare I say mankind as a whole.


Why You Trippin'?

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