Hermetic Qabalah
The Living Tree of Life

Experience the living tapestry of the Hermetic Qabalistic tradition, whose origins date back to the age of Abraham and span across a profound breadth of esoteric wisdom in Egyptian, Greek, and Judaic ceremonial practice.  This path of initiation orients around the sacred glyph of the Ets Chayim, the Tree of Life.  Traversing downward from the Crown, the tree of life reveals the path of involution from creative source to our manifested experience.  Traveling upward along the paths of the tree is the soul’s journey of evolution, from sensory consciousness to unity.  

Through this course, you will learn & apply the 7 alchemical laws of the Kybalion to your daily life, understand the basic framework and practical nature of the Ets Chayim, learn to create a ceremonial invocation utilizing divine names of power, learn to open your aura to commune with your highest expression of your nature,  learn to consecrate and utilize ceremonial tools for ritual, and learn to traverse the astral realm to establish your energetic presence & celestial temple in the subtle etheric plane.  These practical applications of the Hermetic path will be richly supported by a deep historical and anthropological review of knowledge passed down by wise initiates & adepts of the hermetic path and other integral ceremonial traditions. 

Experience how the Ancient Ceremonial Tradition
of Hermetic Qabalah can transform your Life.

This course will include both knowledge lectures and ceremonial ritual and practice.  Explore the weekly schedule & curriculum Below.  

(Note: Breathwork, guided meditations, and other mindful techniques will be also provided in each lecture & ceremonial experience) 

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Join us!

And experience the profound life elevation a grounded Qabalistic spiritual practice can bring to your path. Infuse the power of ceremony into your daily life and deepen your connection to source. Discover how the attunement to the dynamic force & forms of creation can lead to an empowered & sustained state of peaceful purpose in all you are and all you express.

Reflections from a Qabalistic Initiate

Important Note: This class will not be focusing on the use of the Hermetic practices for black magic or force of will.  Black magic can be understood as the use of energetic influence as a means to modify the outcomes of others or the collective through desirous/egoic intent.  The heart of this course embraces the far more ancient practice of theurgy (god-work), a named coined by the Chaldean Platonists in the second century to set it apart from the armchair speculations of theology (god-talk).  Theurgy is based on the belief that human beings have a divine spark, that human beings share the same demiurgic capabilities as the creator, and there is a legitimate use of this power to participate in the dynamic unfolding of the cosmos.  In other words, we will be attuning to sacred practices of initiation to assist in the unfolding evolution of your spiritual growth – in service of the collective through the maturity of your divine emanation & expression.

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